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Nature Invented A Better Retinol

For the first time, you can enjoy retinol like effects such as skin renewal and anti-aging that is gentle on the skin

Meet the Immortelle Super Extract

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A gentler alternative to synthetic retinol

This 100% natural origin ingredient helps to support skin structure and enhance skin volume whilst being gentler to skin. * Now included in selected Divine lines.

Divine Cream, a Star is launched

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Cashmere for your skin

Our ICONIC Divine Cream's cashmere-like texture is now enriched with Immortelle Super Extract

Visible Results

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Divine Cream

Skin feels denser and firmer and complexion looks more even.

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Divine Eye Balm

Puffiness and dark circles are less visible

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Divine Youth Oil

Complexion looks more beautiful, radiant and evened out

Explore the Divine Range

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Harnessing Immortelle's Genius Extract

TWO NEW EXTRACTS AT L'OCCITANE: The Immortelle Super Extract helps to enhance skin volume and support skin structure, whilst the Immortelle Super Aqueous Extract associated with Immortelle Essential oil helps protect your skin against the effect of blue light overexposure. 

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