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A conditioner, formulated without silicone, which works to intensely nourish, detangle and envelop dry to very dry hair in a veil of softness. The hair fiber feels nourished, hair is soft, detangled, easy to style and looks beautifully shiny. Benefits:- The hair feels nourished- Hair is soft, detangled and easy to style- Hair looks beautifully shiny User Test Satisfaction:- Upon application, hair is instantly detangled (91%)* and light (94%)*.- After one month, hair is more supple (94%)*.*Satisfaction test over 32 volunteers. A cocktail of essential oils combined with a nourishing natural complex to preserve the beauty of the hair:- 5 essential oils: Cedar, Lavender, Chamomile, Lemon and Eucalyptus contributing to the care of the scalp- Exceptional olive oil. The olive tree is a tree with unique properties: able to withstand long periods of drought, it remains majestic in the most hostile soils. It is in a sunny area of ??Provence L'Occitane drew a unique blend of 3 varieties of olives forming one of the only oils penetrating the hair fiber, known for its highly nourishing power.


  • Intensely nourishing
  • Dry to very dry hair
  • Softer hair

Aromachologie Nourishing Care Conditioner

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