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Your skin’s youth powered by nature’s ingenuity,
Textured Helichrysum revitalizing cleanser immediately turns into a light and dense foam when mixed with water, like a light air cushion between the fingers and the skin, gently removes the dirt on the face, giving the skin a zero-burden and extremely comfortable clean feeling. Contains precious immortelle essential oil and vitamin E , it is not dry after washing, making the most perfect preparation for follow-up maintenance, bringing a delicate and smooth skin touch to the skin, revealing a natural translucent radiance.
L’OCCITANE’s Commitments: 
40 years of expertise in natural origin ingredients
Sustainably-sourced Immortelle
Printed on paper obtained from sustainable forests

600 Immortelle flowers, 20 years of expertise.
Immortelle, the “super flower” that remains vibrant even after being picked, continues to surprise us. 
By drawing on 6 years of research and using an eco-friendly extraction technology, we have succeeded in isolating the previously unknown Immortelle Super Extract. 
Immortelle Super Extract, this naturally derived Retinol alternative helps to enhance skin’s volume and structure. 
Immortelle Essential Oil, naturally derived antioxidant powerhouse, alternative to Vitamin E.
Immortelle Oil Extract, with Omegas 9 & 6 known for their nourishing properties. 
Immortelle Aqueous Extract, with polyphenol known for its antioxidant properties. 
Exclusive Patented Complex.

Immortelle Divine Cleansing Foam

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