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Ideal for normal, combination and oily skins, the Purifying Mask immediately absorbs excess sebum and gently exfoliates.

Enriched with freshly-cut, organic thyme from Provence, high in imperfection-diminishing zinc, this mask with its purée-like texture provide a gentle exfoliation while immediately absorbing excess oil.
From the very first application, the skin is perfectly cleansed and imperfections appear smoothened. The skin looks replenished with a renewed glow.

Proven Results

After the 1st application:
97% It provides a soft exfolation*
91% Skin feels mattified*
88% Skin pores seems less visibles*

After the one month:
94% Skin seems purified*
94% Skin feels soft*
82% Excess of sebum seems reduced*

*Satisfaction tested on 33 women over 1 month

Purifying Face Mask

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