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A desire for a moment of tranquility, a feeling of well-being… The Burst of Relaxation Fragranced Water is a fragrance that is as peaceful as a breath of blissful calm. Its floral and aquatic notes will deepen that sense of serenity. This fragrance reveals soothing tones of crystal-clear fresh fruits and delicate white Peony. Rosa Centifolia floral water interlaces with essence of Chamomile and natural extracts of Lavender from Provence for a fragrance that simply exudes serenity. Wear it alone or combine it with the Rose Eau de Toilette to customise your scent according to your mood.


Ideal for

  • Fragrance layering
  • Feeling of relaxation

Application area

Spray on the pulse points of the body : neck, chest and wrist.

Rose Fragrance Water Soothing

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