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Suitable for all skin types, this mask is like a hug for the skin.

Enriched with freshly picked blackcurrants from the Ardèche, rich in magnesium and calcium – minerals essential for the skin to function at its best, it calms the skin and brings back the comfort it deserved. Skin feels plumped and fresh.

Thanks to its soft yoghurt-like texture and its delicious freshly-picked blackcurrant smell, this mask will offer you a true moment of well-being and comfort.

Proven Results

After the 1st application:
100% The mask provides a feeling of softness to the skin *
94% Brings an immediate sensation of freshness *
100% Skin feels silky*

After the one month:
90% Skin is soothed *
97% Skin soft *
94% Complexion is radiant*

*Satisfaction tested on 31 women over 1 month

Soothing Face Mask

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