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Multi-tasking exfoliating soap with massaging nubs.

Bring the experience of the spa home with the 2-in-1 massaging and exfoliating body soap. Infused with finely crushed almond shells and nourishing almond oil, dull skin is buffed and left with a soft finish. Turn the soap bar over to use the nub side to massage for a moment of relaxation.




How to use

Massage hands and body, focusing on dry and rough areas. Rinse well.



  • Cleanses and softens skin
  • Scrubs away dead skin cells
  • Smooths skin Massages

Almond 2-in-1 Exfoliating Soap


    Our Almond Delicious Soap is a treat for body and hands. Ground almond shells gently scrub away dead skin cells, leaving skin cleansed and softened. Enriched with sweet almond oil, this soap leaves skin delicately perfumed with the scent of almonds.


    Ideal for

    • Cleansing, removing dead skin
    • Softening your skin
    • Normal to dry skin

    Application area

    Massage the soap onto your body, focusing on dry areas. Rinse thoroughly

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