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An innovative 2-in-1 transparent, non-foaming formula that’s let men enjoy a close, precise gentle shave but also a long lasting hydration for a soothed comfortable skin.

There’s more to this balm than meets the eye... as it can be used as a shaving cream or as a moisturising after shave balm.

Its innovative transparent, non-foaming formula let men enjoy a close, precise and gentle shave. Perfect to shave around a beard in precise lines.

Enriched with our patented complex of Cade wood and rosemary essential oils, it also delivers long lasting hydration (24 hours) and leaves skin feeling soothed and comfortable after shaving.

As, this 2-in1 grooming essential can be used simultaneously as a shaving balm or a after-shave cream, it’s the perfect companion for a weekend break or to take on holiday.

How to use:
• As a Shaving Balm: Apply a thin layer on wet skin. Shave and wipe off or rinse thoroughly.
• As a After-Shave Balm: Apply or re-apply a small layer on the skin after shaving.

100% Skin is comfortable, soft and supple*
100% It provides a smooth shave*
The transparent formula allows a precise shaving*
The texture is enjoyable*

Cade Multi-Grooming Balm

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