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Spicy cypress adds a deep, masculine note to our Eau Des Baux Stick Deodorant, which uses natural ingredients to keep you fresh


Ideal for

• All skin types

Eau des Baux Deodorant Stick


    Naturally antibacterial with a seductive woody scent, our Eau Des Baux stick deodorant will keep you feeling as fresh as a line of cypresses swaying in a mistral wind. The sharp smell of these iconic trees defines the outdoorsy scent of this deodorant, instantly evoking cool mornings strolling through a forest as the sun slowly climbs in the azure sky.

    This deodorant uses natural ingredients to prevent bacteria from building up – eliminating malodour at its source. The formula is gentle on skin, preventing irritation and keeping skin feeling comfortable throughout the most trying of days.

    The fragrance – inspired by the chivalrous tales of the Knights of Des Baux – is long-lasting, with beguiling undertones of incense lending a wistful note reminiscent of the magic and mystery of the medieval era.

    Apply once in the morning and enjoy subtle bursts of the fragrance throughout the day, instantly transporting you to the golden hillsides of Provence.

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