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Immortelle Divine Cleansing Balm effectively dissolves makeup and impurities with its balm-in-oil texture. It melts easily on the skin to dissolve all types of makeup, even waterproof, without drying out the skin.


Its balm texture transforms into an oil on contact with the skin, which is easily rinsed off with water to effectively remove impurities.


Enriched in Immortelle essential oil, known for its anti-aging properties, and Vitamin E, it leaves the skin looking smooth, clear and luminous.


Ideal for

  • Removing make-up
  • Removing impurities
  • Anti-aging


Application area

Apply the cleansing balm on your face. Gently massage skin to dissolve make-up and impurities. Rinse thoroughly.

Immortelle Divine Cleansing Balm

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