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This expert serum significantly improves the scalp's condition while providing a calming and comforting sensorial experience when massaged onto the scalp. Therefore, day after day, the hair is visibly boosted : more resilient, shinier and healthier looking. This serum works on 3 scalp dimensions : soothes, intensely moisturizes and reinforces the scalp's protective barrier.

Ideal for

  • Calming
  • Moisturizing
  • Comforting


Application area

Apply the product at night onto the scalp and massage gently. Step 1: With palm, gently pressure the nape of your neck in circular motions for 3 seconds Step 2: Massage from above the ears toward the top. Divide in 3 sections, each time gently pressuring for 3 seconds making circular motions. Step 3: Finish by pressuring the top of your head for 3 seconds, again making circular motions

After a period without use, you may notice potential textural changes and thickening of our Scalp Night Serum.
This is due to the use of a high concentration of natural ingredients, a natural thickening agent and the natural structure of the formula.
Efficacy and safety of the ingredients remains stable, and the product remains safe for use.
Simply shake well 2–3 times to bring it back to its original serum texture and apply as usual.


Scalp Night Serum


    Ideal for

    • Rebalancing excess sebum
    • Normal to oily hair

    Application area

    Gently massage into scalp and rinse.

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