This nourishing foot cream contains a high percentage of Shea butter, or 25%, which deeply nourishes and protects the skin. The foot cream contains D-Panthenol and allantoin which instantly soothe the feet, provide comfort and beautify the feet by reducing their roughness and protecting them from dryness. The thick and nourishing texture is quickly absorbed into the skin, which becomes soft and full of moisture without being sticky.

    Ideal for

    • Dry to very dry skin
    • Nourishing hands
    • Comfort and softness

    Application area

    Gently massage onto the nails, cuticles and back of the hands and palms.

    Shea Butter Intensive Foot Balm


      Formulated with a very high concentration of 25% shea butter to provide intense nourishing care, it forms a protective film for skin that is very dry or uncomfortable due to environmental aggressions (cold, air conditioning). With its ultra-rich texture, this balm melts into the hands and nails from the moment it is applied and massaged in. Enriched with allantoin, it helps to immediately soothe the skin, bringing comfort and softness. Used daily, it helps to protect hands from dryness. Shea butter is a natural beauty balm, used by women in Sub-Saharan Africa. Since the 1980’s, L’OCCITANE has set up a sustainable and fair trade partnership with the women in Burkina Faso who produce it. To perpetuate this story with the women of this country, the L'OCCITANE Foundation gets involved for women's entrepreneurship supporting literacy, training and microcredit programs, as well as the development of companies created by women.